An Open Letter to My Children

My life has been an adventure, with lots of characters and lots of fun, fright, and adventures. I could rest on those laurels but no, I have to take responsibility for the ones that influenced my life the most. Marrying my best friend and true love,  since 1979, married 35 years in August. is top of the list. You guys, I never thought I’d live this long, let alone be married this long. I wished it, but couldn’t imagine it. And yet here we are.

Our firstborn was a gift we didn’t plan, and never regretted, and we celebrated her wedding 2-½ weeks ago. What an emotional event that was! She & he handled it fine (he’s got a knack for taking his sail out of her wind; a gift to be sure), and we spent time with them and our son & his SO  and every minute was so special…that the husband and SO are people we love, that the kids have grown into adults we love and with whom we love to spend time. (I know, not a sentence so sue me.) My head spins when I think of how  very bold it is that our kids went for their dreams, despite setbacks, and found their partners who support them in their endeavors, and whom they support. Gratifying seems a small word to describe how full my heart is. And I hope they ride the rollercoaster of their lives, together, and I look forward to riding in the back car for it.

Our second-born was more of a choice than #1, and one we never regretted. We were ready to expand our family and rolled the dice.

So if I need to repeat: I’m so proud of my daughter and son, and the choices they’ve made in their lives to become the best versions of themselves. You are amazingly talented and gifted and I’m so happy to have our close, loving relationships. And thanks for putting up with my mushiness; that’s part of the Mom Package.


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A fulltime REALTOR who plays as hard as she works -- sometimes harder. I race my bicycles; some are faster than others. It's a good life!
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