RIP, Beauregard

Beau had a great life. Just Saturday we took him and Oliver and our friend R & D to V. Sattui, where we tasted several wines, bought some, and had a picnic. It was great.

Sunday we rode bikes and ran errands. Beau wanted to be held but he occasionally does that. We didn’t see anything in his behavior to indicate that he was ill.

Beau woke Chris in the wee hours and he recognized that his dog was gravely ill. He went to UCDavis and he called me before the sun came up and told me Beau was in renal/heart failure and wouldn’t be coming home. I had a double shot of Jameson’s and wept. I suspected he was more ill than we knew but didn’t see this coming. Chris was with him when he passed. Another beloved pet crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

I’ve been a weepy mess. I walked Oliver two miles and he’s sleeping now. No one can explain to him that he’s now the only dog. I’m glad I didn’t see anyone I know as I was weeping pretty much the whole walk.

I hurt, Chris hurts, and I am so shocked by this that I don’t know what to do. I’m even too sad to ride my bike. The world is a lesser place now that Beau is gone. Damn.

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2 Responses to RIP, Beauregard

  1. Deb, I hadn’t commented on this sad event. I figured you two would just be overwhelmed and bombarded from your loving friends who I know were deeply shocked and saddened. I remember being on a ride and also being at your house one day when you were with your pups. I remember I was going through some personal turmoil and seeing the love you two had for your dogs and how really cool they were, it kind of lit the fire again to have a dog which grew too something of an obsession. I would stalk dog parks and try to get to shelters whenever I could and look what happened! I’m four deep now, manage a doggy daycare and work at a dog shelter. Your little one helped light the fire in our hearts to rescue some loving little beings like Beau and Oliver. I totally feel you and fully understand the grief having lost such a beautiful little being. I really believe these little beings live in spirit and are fragments of the great big beautiful spirit of nature. From now on when you see a puppy born and living, loving life you’ll know that in that little spirit is a part of Beau and maybe in that you will find comfort. Take care of Chris, congratulations on your new little one and stay strong and know that we all love you guys and respect you and also are inspired by your being you…

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