The Week in Review

My Association of Realtors’ event celebrating American Home Week was a great success. We changed up the usual breakfast to a mid-afternoon/happy hour event, added a ton of humor vs. a paid speaker, and such fun was had. The numbers aren’t in yet  but we sold out (even though not all who paid attended), and the attendees were very generous in terms of raffle tickets and the big prize, a weekend at a condo in Carmel. I’ve served on the committee a number of years, spoken during my Presidency, yada yada yada. This was one of the best ones ever. Next year’s committee will be hard-pressed to top this one.

Last Saturday we were rained out of our bike ride, so A & I went to Concord to buy my mother-of-the-bride dress. Cheers to you, A, for your patience. Nordstrom Rack paid off for her but I didn’t find squat. We hit the mall, Macy’s specifically, and boom! Dress & cardigan, then dress, cardigan, then lunch, then shoes, and I found what I wanted and more, at a screamin’ deal. We dr0ve home happy with our purchases and with the time spent — we’ve spent more time on bikes together than off, so this was fun and good for us.

Since Kameo left 3 years ago I’ve not had a GF with whom to ride, hang, etc. So maybe I’m finding a new GF with whom to ride, hang, etc. And our husbands get along (they both clean house and cook  and basically spoil us); we’ll see how this plays out.

Today I met friends/clients at a relatively new indie coffee shop; had a Nitro (coffee steeped overnight, then infused with nitrogen, which reduces the acidity and makes the coffee look like Guinness Stout when it’s poured. It’s so  smooth I didn’t need to add cream & sugar. I had 2, just to be sure). I like the vibe. As I was leaving, after meeting their standard Poodles and their Papillion, my cycling friend N and her daughter parked; I introduced them to my friends/clients and their dogs, then we went in for more coffee. That was so much fun! I spent 3 hours in that place and can hardly wait to return. And it’s across the street from my office. What’s not to love?

In short, I’m having my best year since 2007, and it feels great, and I’m so thankful to my clients for giving me the opportunity to do my job. I’m flattered and grateful and appreciative. The relationships I have with my clients are so different and so precious. I hope they know that.Without them I have no business. They are the best!

About debster822

A fulltime REALTOR who plays as hard as she works -- sometimes harder. I race my bicycles; some are faster than others. It's a good life!
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