We spent 9 days in Brooklyn and other parts of NYC. I enjoyed it, even the angry train-rider parts, as well as the visit to Sleepy Hollow & Washington Irving’s gravesite & the Headless Horseman Bridge. Pictures are at Facebook.com/deborahgallagher (because none of my WordPress friends will share how to post a picture, and I need some hand-holding on this platform, it’s so overwhelming). It was gorgeous and crowded and gastronomically amazing. Our daughter’s BF really enjoyed sharing the city and boroughs and his mom with us, as much as we enjoyed his sharing and our experiences.

So last Tuesday we visited the 9/11 Memorial, craned our necks to take in the Freedom Tower, and hit an Irish-American Pub in lower Manhattan, as we walked our way through TriBeCa, SoHo, Chelsea, etc. to meet Daughter and BF outside her office off Wall St. There was a poster I loved & regretted not capturing on my crappy iPhone5 camera, but thanks to the Internet I found it again: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/310255861801816775/

Yeah, not necessarily classy, but it trumps anything my Welsh, English and French heritage has going on.

As happy as I am to be sleeping in my own bed, I miss my daughter so much. The bittersweet of life.

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A fulltime REALTOR who plays as hard as she works -- sometimes harder. I race my bicycles; some are faster than others. It's a good life!
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