Enjoying a Tradition

Our son and one of his roommates hosted us for Thanksgiving 4 years ago. Our daughter, severely depressed, actually brightened up and encouraged us, so she did the tofurkey, and we made our standard dressing and pecan pie, vegan style. Our son had his roomies, whom we’ve known for 5+ years when they were CAT 3 cyclists, and a couple friends from high school over for dinner. It was delicious and sweet and fun.

The years in between have been similar: We bring the dressing, pecan pie, wine, and this year Winter’s Best Gingersnaps. Sean and his wife Christina (Chris and I reminisced about how we weren’t sure how Sean would turn out; turns out he’s achieved a new level of cool, and his wife, Christina, is a sweet, smart, talented lady. She’s brought out the best in Sean.

Colin’s lady’d father flew in from Russia. He & his wife and A emigrated to the US from Russia when she was 3. She doesn’t have a Russian accent, although her Russian has an American accent. *cue irony* Her dad is great, very outgoing and friendly. I know he enjoyed the craft beer he was poured; I didn’t hear how he liked the turkey.

Speaking of which: Colin scored a Heritage Turkey, so he had to chop off the head, feet, and gut it. And despite the group effort, we ate all the sides before the turkey was ready. They heeded our advice to let it rest 30 min. before carving, and it was the best turkey I’ve ever had. Jason & Ryan got all caveman on the drumsticks, and cleaned them in fine fashion. I had a couple slices of breast that were full of flavor and juice. And among 11 people we barely ate ½ the turkey; it was 15 lbs.

So the sides…Jason made 2-cheese mac & cheese; Christina made scallops potatoes; Sean made a cranberry compote; Anastasia made a kale salad featuring  goat cheese ricotta and persimmon, we brought our dressing, Christina brought her savory dressing. I think C made the scalopped potatoes as well. Someone roasted root vegetables. Everything was full of flavor.

What got me was how these young men, whom we’ve known before their voices changed, have matured into people who are aware politically, financially, socially, emotionally. It’s as though we’re talking to the high school kids asif they’re on steroids,  but without the drugs. I’m so impressed by the humans, the men,the women, theses people have become. They are aware of so much, and choose how they give back to the community . It’s so rewarding to see and share. I cannot imagine being more proud of these young adults, and am grateful to be part of their lives.

Meeting Anastasia’s dad, whose Russian accent I love, was tops. This guy travels all over the world, and English is the common language. Or as he told us, English or it doesn’t happen.

Best Thanksgiving ever. Grateful for my husband, daughter who spent the day on Staten Islad, son, his SO, and friends.

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