Thanksgiving Eve

For the 4th Thanksgiving in a row we aren’t hosting — we’re sharing with Colin, his roommates, and now his girlfriend and her father, who’s flying in from Russia. Oh, yes, this will be interesting. We’ve met the GF & like her very much. Extra pressure on Colin to step up — last year he had fancy cocktails and roasted a duck, and it was so amazing! Until my dog escaped and ran down  10th St. for several blocks before we corralled him. What an ass. He has no traffic sense.

Anyway, Colin and his roommates have put on great Thanksgiving meals, and we’re happy to provide the stuffing (always cooked as a side dish), the pecan pie, and wine. Last year Colin cooked duck; I loved how he flipped between the YouTube tutorial and our curiousity.  Aside from the absent daughter (waaaahhhh!) and our bolting dog, it was a great celebration.

So we’re bringing that dressing/stuffing that we can’t have a holiday without, as well as the fancy pecan pie, with a twist that Chris  put on it. This year he roasted the pecans used in the filling, and used a Martha Stewart recipe for the crust. Until I eat it, I cannot comment. Props to him for experimenting.

The dressing is cooked and so are the Gingersnaps…the house is full of amazingly spicy smells…and I’lm eagerly anticipating tomorrow.

I hope you all have a fulfilling and filling holiday. Enjoy!

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A fulltime REALTOR who plays as hard as she works -- sometimes harder. I race my bicycles; some are faster than others. It's a good life!
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