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An Unexpected Autumn

So, our son tested cancer-free, we lost a dog very suddenly, and gained a puppy, also not planned. The puppy, Teddy, is fine — he’s smart, likes his walks, needs challenges to keep from being bored, much like our kids … Continue reading

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Friday the 13th, My Lucky Day

As a kid I was all over not stepping on a crack, because it would break my mother’s back, or walking under a ladder, or black cats and what not. As I aged I realized this was all poppycock, and … Continue reading

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Observations on Bike Riders

So tonight our usual group had other plans — a couple were riding the Eastern Sierra, others were watching the Golden State Warriors trounce the Cleveland Cavaliers (go Dubs!), so a motley group showed up at the shop. Right away … Continue reading

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Highs and Lows, Mere Days Apart

The highs: spending time on Easter Sunday with our son’s girlfriend and her dad, visiting from Russia, tasting wine and sharing a picnic lunch at V. Sattui, our 20th anniversary of doing so, then tasting wine again at Benziger Winery. … Continue reading

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Riding My Age in Miles, and More

In 2007 I discovered BikeForums.net, and dove in with no reservations. Many connections continue even now: Fifty+, NorCal, Women’s, Tandem, Racing — so many ways to connect to so many people! ┬áTo this day I maintain the connections, whether through … Continue reading

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We were up early because we wanted to eat a hearty breakfast & digest before any efforts on the bike were required. Bacon, poached eggs, and the usual coffee, which I addressed. Chris wasn’t feeling the ride (Cantelow E to … Continue reading

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