A Sodden January

We’re so wet! I forgot how NorCal springs to life with exceptional rain, and we’ve certainly had that. I feel for those folks along the Russian River (among other waterways) who have flooded; you had a 10 year hiatus, and I hope all are reimbursed for their losses).  There has been epic snow — 20′ at Lake Tahoe — and epic rain, and it’s so needed and so welcome.

As a result, along with work/taking down Christmas/nursing injuries, my workout schedule has taken a back seat. I’m interviewing brokers, as my current broker who I love to the moon and back is semi-retiring. I walk the dogs every morning that isn’t rainy, except for yesterday, when I decided to give them a day off (so I could ride my bike). Over a number of weeks I found I have 2 very small tears in my right knee’s meniscus; not enough damage to warrant surgery, but enough to make my knee inflame after a run or hard bike ride. WTH is happening? I’ve spent 30+ years helping people to become physically healthy, and now I need guidance to navigate this physical stuff. So there are the distractions, and they must be addressed. It seems that the physical stuff calls for more attention that I’d like to give it, yet if I don’t, I can’t do the rest of my life.

And then there’s what’s happening with our new administration. I protested in the early 70s, burned a bra (hell, yeah, and I still wear them, so there’s that irony), campaigned for McGovern, voted for him in my first time ever to vote, and joined SDS in 1972 in a march (in Philly), so showing up with Chris and our good friend Jim (who has more protesting experience than both of us) at the Sacramento Women’s March on the 21st was a natural thing. I need to blog that as a stand-alone. It was amazing. Peaceful, warm, friendly, inclusive, powerful and family-friendly. I was impressed at how many people showed up, and how there was NO VIOLENCE at all. Wow. Not at all like my past experiences.

We were walking back to our vehicle, mostly silent, digesting what we’d just done. In the infrequent observation we agreed at how that march affected us. I felt a huge sense of pride that we’d shown up and supported our beliefs in a peaceful way.

We marched to the Capital and turned left, and walked back to the car. We were really impressed and humbled at what just happened. We were so awed by what we did, and what continued as we left. We have a voice. We need to use it. If you believe in something, show up and support it. If you don’t support something, show up in protest. It is your civic duty.

However your beliefs lead you, show up and support or protest. If you take no action, you might as well stay in bed. By not voicing your opinion you’re tacitly agreeing with what you don’t agree with.

RIP, Mary Tyler Moore (s0b) and Mike Connors. The world is less without you.

The world is more with those of you who speak out. I hope to see you soon.

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A fulltime REALTOR who plays as hard as she works -- sometimes harder. I race my bicycles; some are faster than others. It's a good life!
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