A Week Full of Events

Santa Barbara county is burning, midway between where we lived in Lompoc, and Santa Barbara city. I hate that it’s burning but there’s nothing I can do from 400 mi. north except pray that it’s contained and snuffed out ASAP. The smoke, according my friends in LA, is already detectable in their area. I remember the all-too-close-for-comfort fires from last summer, and I feel for those affected by the Sherpa Fire.

It’s been quite a week, with our Bike the Bridges on the tandem, then driving home after a very fun event, listening to the massacre in Orlando on NPR. Just give those people space, media, unless they approach you. I cannot imagine, and I hold those affected in my thoughts, which isn’t helpful, but I don’t know what else to do. My way of keeping good thoughts and praying aren’t the usual Christian way, because I don’t limit myself to that, and I hope the positive thoughts for healing and peace land on those families and friends who were so abruptly affected.

I implore you, media, and fame-seekers, just let these people be. Do some back-story on the perp, without mentioning his name, so as to minimize his “fame.” Investigate who his victims were, and lift them up, and minimize the perp. They deserve the mentions; he does not. Otherwise, leave those people to grieve, and to learn how to incorporate their sudden loss into their lives. Because you know there’s not getting over it. You just learn to live with it. Nobody sets up a ladder to climb and get over it.

In local cycling news we showed up for the Monticello Cycling Club ride which only went Hammerhead-adjacent for the first 3rd; we managed. I took a monster pull at 24 mph (thank you, tail wind!) and the five in my draft were impressed. I guess I thrive on front, hate being boxed in, and am wary of new and/or sketchy riders. I can tell I’m getting more fit, and so can my friends. I’m stoked to hit the July, August and Sept. races. Full disclosure: I couldn’t hang on the last climb. Our climb to the start of the ride was 12% for ½ mile, and I put it all there, and on the pace lines. I can live without that QOM…for now.

Today we attended the Centennial Dog Park committee meeting for updates and ideas how to proceed with fundraising. This park will separate small and large dogs (the Schipperkes are in favor of that) and the city of Vacaville can give us $40K. We need $95K to do it right — shade for humans and dogs, water, benches, etc. Please hit me up if you can help. The dogs and their humans love you for it.

Hug your loved ones, talk to your dads, and if you’re a dad, hugs to you. There would be no children if not for you. We moms love you for that.  Happy Father’s Day.


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