Thanksgiving Week

Six days after listing my friend’s house on Friday the 13th, we had a counter and acceptance a week later. Seller, buyer and agents are all happy.

Chris took some time off, and helped me make cranberry/whole wheat bread/ orange/raisin dressing for 20, and roast Brussels sprouts, garlic and pine nuts for 20 as well.

Thanksgiving morning we usually ride our bikes, then head into the Inner Sunset for dinner with our son and his ridiculously foodie roommates. This year his GF jumped in to help and organized what they needed. Chris waffled on the pecan pie, and ended up making 2-8″ pies instead of 1-9″ pie, as he would when we eat here. But hey, we’re bringing sides and dessert, so pressure is off.

We arrived early and Colin had a Brut rosé that was dry and quite refreshing. Georgia, a scone and croissant baker at Tartine, was making homemade crackers. That lasted until Ryan arrived and made persimmon, fried fresh sage, fresh cracked juniper berries and some kind of white pot cheese appetizers. Holy cow, were they freaking amazing.

One of his friends is Italian, and is an Italian wine importer. He had nearly a case of fine Italian wine that we drank, and it was off the charts good.

A couple of his friends from Jr. high showed up, and it was so fun to reconnect with them. I’ve known these guys since 1998-1999, and through the early oughts. Seeing them grown up, finding themselves and pursuing their dreams, was very satisfying. I kind of feel like their second mom, yet having conversations with them, I realize that I’m not so much, and that’s okay.

So about 20 people showed up for dinner, and we knew maybe ½ of them. I enjoyed so many conversations about bread, the effect of juniper berries on food, careers, etc. etc.  I can’t remember the last time I spent 6+ hours with people who had so much happening in their lives. It was so cool, and fulfilling, and very neat that these former kids were so open and honest about their lives. I loved them for that.

And we enjoyed meeting Colin’s newest roommate and her friends, as well as meeting the new people, and reconnecting with the original roomie and friends. And we didn’t mind leaving our offerings with them, and having no leftovers. I liked leaving them there.

I’m so proud of my son, and how he’s exploited and uses his gifts. I love his GF, Anastasia, and her gifts and vision. And I really love that they include us in their lives, via text, etc. I could not imagine this wonderful, solid, fulfilling relationship with my son and his beloved in my dreams. That this is my reality is the veritable icing on the cake (that I don’t need to eat  because I’ve already  eaten too much).



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