Another Tradition with a Lovely, Winding Twist

In 1995 Chris was working in Concord and I was a semi-single mom in Lompoc. Spring Break found us driving to Concord and singing whatever pop/Jazzercise songs were on the radio as we drove to NorCal. She was 12 and he was 9.

The family with whom Chris was rooming planned to entertain family for Easter Sunday, so we decided to drive to Napa and do some wine tasting. The weather was post-frontal, wind, cold, clouds and occasional rain squalls scudding through, on their way to the Sierra and beyond.

As we made our way along SH12/29 we noticed that many places were closed. We remained hopeful and continued to drive.

V. Sattui was the first place we saw that was open. The kids were hungry and we were tired of driving, so we turned right into the parking lot. They had a lovely picnic area, an extensive deli, and wines we liked. We tasted in the main room, bought wine and food for a picnic on the grounds, and bought wine to take home.

We’ve also spent every Easter since 1998, when we moved up here, at that place. Yesterday we celebrated our 20th anniversary there with our son’s girlfriend and her husband.

Just as we were enjoying our tasting Tom Davies, the President, brings us a board of their homemade salumaria meats, olives, and a washed-rind mozzarella. Hello. sophisticated tastebuds, please show up. It was delicious!

Chris bought a bottle of Ramazotti Zinfandel and some of the local salami and Italian thin-slice meats; V & A bought bread, cheese, and dessert, and we enjoyed a lovely picnic lunch on the grounds.Her mother tasked her with picking up wine from Benziger, and our apps sent us over Oakville and Trinity Grades – whoa! What a challenge those roads will be on bikes.

Benziger Estate wines are fascinating geographically and lovely to drink. The staff are dog-friendly and offered our dogs (asking permission first; that’s important) treats. We loved the wines & will be back to get the full tour.

For us, as having spent 20 Easters at V.Sattui, with and without our offspring, this seemed pivotal: Colin’s girlfriend and her Russian dad repped, so we went with that. Colin’s band is in Portland, as part of their tour, and we Facetimed with Meave and her bf and new roommate Kas later. The entire day was so fulfilling –deepening our relationship with A, and enjoying her dad’s humor and take on new experiences –I don’t know how much my brain and heart can expand, and I’m ready for it. What a wonderful  day!

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