Early 2015 Musings

Every year the days and weeks blow by faster and faster. I feel as though I’m playing catch-up, although in reality I’m ahead of the game…it just doesn’t feel like it. We had no rain at all in January, a record (that no one is proud of), yet many mornings weren’t conducive to riding my bike because the fog was low and dense. I don’t trust my bike lights and high-viz jacket to keep me safe — if I can’t see to the end of my block (about 8 houses), I don’t ride. I’m not being paid so why take the risk.

When I ride it’s generally hill training or group riding. The problem is that I don’t get to follow my program regularly. And if I establish an indoor alternative, my outside rides suffer. That must be a first-world problem.

Thursday I planned to ride to my doctor’s office in Winters, so even with a time cushion I TTd to Winters, taking advantage of the tailwind. I sat in the office a bit, got my shots (flu and shingles), sat in the office again to see if I had a reaction to the shingles shot (I did not), and rode a longer way home, against a headwind.  According to Strava my moving average was 17.1 mph. I’ll take that!  Maybe, in spite of my weight gain, I’m faster than I thought.

I love the idea of riding to my doctor’s office for wellness shots. I love putting out efforts that make me hack up half a lung — I know I’m  getting more fit. Good thing I have a new inhaler; I’ll need it these next few weeks.

We took a listing 2 weeks ago that needs a lot of work, and so it isn’t shown frequently. We’re working on a price reduction but the sellers are adamant. I suspect that my rides over the next few weeks will be more of the “I need to find my Zen” ilk than “I sold a house!” kinds of ride.

The rain over the weekend was great; definitely toad-strangling. Our back yard seasonal pond filled up twice and abated shortly after the rain stopped. Today we had a cloud drama, some of which dumped rain and moved on. We walked the dogs in the evening and I realized that at 5:30 the sun still hadn’t set. I internally high-fived the lengthening days and am looking forward to much riding this week, with a friend visiting from Toronto (we’re her winter escape, how funny; many folks from this area use Cabo San Lucas as their winter escape. As if we have Toronto or Boston-style winters). The almonds, flowering pears, a few plums and now redbuds are starting to bloom. She’ll be blown away. And so will I — I never tire of nature’s seasonal shows.

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A fulltime REALTOR who plays as hard as she works -- sometimes harder. I race my bicycles; some are faster than others. It's a good life!
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2 Responses to Early 2015 Musings

  1. In agreement with you regarding fog. I also loved your adjective for the rain as “toad-strangling”

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