What Fulfillment Feels Like

Yes, I know the blog title isn’t grammatically correct — in this context I don’t care.

Our daughter, our firstborn, came home from Brooklyn earlier this month, with her new BF. We’ve talked about him, she discussed her concerns about his meeting us, and over several days (with a break while they were away for a wedding. Who brings a new BF to meet her parents and go to a wedding? A really confident young woman, evidently.)

We spent time as family, and separately — she treated me to a birthday pedi, while her dad gave her BF a tour of the topography and downtown. And he cooks, and puts cheese on everything that isn’t hers. I love the respect and affection between them. And she’s working on a 5-yr. plan to return to CA…with him. That made me so happy!

I had a significant birthday this month, and we made plans to eat at Yoshi’s in Oakland, and enjoy Leon Russell’s musical stylings afterward. I saw Leon shortly after I turned 18, so I thought the timing was great. And our first visit to Yoshi’s as well was an event.

The Refinery Project had other plans for their Head Inspector, and that didn’t include my birthday plans. /sad face/ I talked to our son who said he’d take care of me.

And indeed he did. He and his GF (who our daughter & her BF met, and we’d only heard about, earlier this month) picked me up at the 24th St. BART station and drove 2 blocks to the Heirloom Café. Back in the spring we had an amazing 3+ hr. dinner there, and this night was no exception. What we ate, drank, discussed is an entire blog post. This was the best dinner there, ever.

Our son and his GF committed to dinner here on Sunday, and we planned carefully: boneless leg of lamb with fresh rosemary & garlic, with a Tempranillo, olive oil and secret herbs baste on the rotisserie, fresh sugar pumpkin soup, salad featuring rainbow carrots, persimmon, apple, and baby spinach, chard & kale. We finished with peach brandy and the vegan chocolates our daughter had delivered for my birthday, and then Limoncello, from the GF’s Meyer lemons.

So food, topography, horticulture, wine, all played a part in this month’s amazing happenings. Our kids are so aware and moving forward to becoming the best versions of themselves that they can be. Their SOs reflect their partners and align with much of our ideals. That they make our kids happy is important. That we like them & get good vibes are the bonus. If I died tomorrow I would have no regrets about these young adults and how they will affect our society, moving forward. One will change thinking with a brusque approach, the other will support the sibling and explain the train of thought.

Or they might marry their current SOs and make pretty Irish/Welsh/Armenian/Russian/Jewish babies.

I hope I’m around to see that.

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A fulltime REALTOR who plays as hard as she works -- sometimes harder. I race my bicycles; some are faster than others. It's a good life!
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